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Following similar evidence-based design principles as the Classic portfolios, the Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) portfolios invest only in funds that promote increased levels of social responsibility. At a minimum, underlying investments will exclude companies involved in the production, manufacturing or significant sales of tobacco, controversial weapons, nuclear weapons, or components developed or significantly modified for exclusive use in nuclear weapons, or auxiliary services related to nuclear weapons. In addition to these exclusions, SRI portfolios also have a significantly reduced exposure to greenhouse gas emissions and potential emissions from fossil fuel reserves, and increased exposure to companies demonstrating sustainable business practices.

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Our Socially Responsible Investment funds
Socially responsible investment (SRI) funds exclude investing in specific industries – like fossil fuels or nuclear weapons. Our SRI funds have 15 exclusions.

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ESG issues include but are not necessarily limited to:
Environmental issues for consideration relate to the quality and functioning of the natural environment and natural systems. These include excessive and harmful: pollution, resource depletion, use of toxic chemicals, and the endangerment of animal species.

Governance issues for consideration relate to the governance of companies. These include strong governance structures, appropriate executive control and high levels of transparency. Governance is concerned with the way organisations are governed, as distinct from the way businesses within those companies are managed on a day-to-day basis.

Social issues for consideration relate to the rights, well-being and interests of people and communities. These include human rights, health and safety, child labour, community relations and respect for the rule of law.

Savvy Wealth Sustainability
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Volatility properly understood, simply refers to the random distribution of big ups and downs around a relentlessly upward sloping long-term trend line.

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Annual returns came within 2% of the market long-term average of 10% in just 6 of the last 95 years. The average annual return over 95 years is 10%.

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