Social Responsibility


A key part of the Savvy Wealth ethos is giving back to the community. We have done this through our volunteer work at Christians Against Poverty (CAP) as a Debt Coach and CAP Money facilitator.

The vision of CAP is to help individuals and families to get out from under unmanageable debt and meet the complex needs in local communities.

For more information about Savvy Wealth Social Responsibility and CAP, book a call using the link below.

Social Responsibility
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Making Decisions Based On Facts

Planning & Protecting
Your Best Future

Understanding Market Volatility

Volatility properly understood, simply refers to the random distribution of big ups and downs around a relentlessly upward sloping long-term trend line.

Valuable Facts About The S&P 500

Annual returns came within 2% of the market long-term average of 10% in just 6 of the last 95 years. The average annual return over 95 years is 10%.

UK Pensions

Wealth Management

Our holistic advice means you’ll have a clear understanding of your goals which will drive the plan which the portfolio is designed to deliver on.

KiwiSaver Assistance

Get help understanding your KiwiSaver account so you can choose the right provider and fund to work towards your retirement savings goals.

Retirement Planning

Savvy Retirement Planning helps people find the comfort, confidence and knowledge to enjoy retirement without worrying about money.


Investing In Futures

Saving You Time
Saving You Money
Putting You First

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