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Our holistic advice means you’ll always have a clear understanding of how your finances are tracking and can have confidence in your plans for the future.

We believe good wealth management and financial planning is about long-term relationships built on trust and transparency.

You won’t find ‘speculation’ here. We place far more importance on YOU and getting to know what’s important in your life. Whether it’s allowing yourself more luxuries, achieving goals sooner or creating a legacy, once we have a full picture of what you want, we can work out how finance best fits into your life story.

Capturing long term market returns from investment should be standard. We will capture those returns using an evidence-based investment philosophy. That’s why our wealth management and financial planning is holistic. We look at everything. Cash flow management, succession planning, taxation issues, estate management, risk management, retirement planning, etc; it’s all part of developing the right financial plan for you. A plan that will give you the highest probability of achieving your goals while eliminating known risks that add no extra return to you.

Beyond a plan, we’re ‘invested’ in seeing you live your dreams, so we specialise in building long-term partnerships. We regularly review your goals and how you’re tracking against them so any adjustments can be made to stay on course.

Working with us means you will always have a clear understanding of how your finances are tracking no matter what happens in life, enabling you to have confidence in your plans for the future.

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Making Decisions Based On Facts

Planning & Protecting
Your Best Future

Understanding Market Volatility

Volatility properly understood, simply refers to the random distribution of big ups and downs around a relentlessly upward sloping long-term trend line.

Valuable Facts About The S&P 500

Annual returns came within 2% of the market long-term average of 10% in just 6 of the last 95 years. The average annual return over 95 years is 10%.

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Wealth Management

Our holistic advice means you’ll have a clear understanding of your goals which will drive the plan which the portfolio is designed to deliver on.

KiwiSaver Assistance

Get help understanding your KiwiSaver account so you can choose the right provider and fund to work towards your retirement savings goals.

Retirement Planning

Savvy Retirement Planning helps people find the comfort, confidence and knowledge to enjoy retirement without worrying about money.


Investing In Futures

Saving You Time
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Putting You First

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